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Memetime. ♥

'sup guys.

Everyone else is asking, so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here:

Sexual orientation. Just, you know, so I can get to know you all better. This is not an optional meme.

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karel; a cloud hangs over

Post the first:

Hokay guys. First post is on me, the rest are on you.

Now then. To start us all off: Ask my pups anything and they'll respond. Who's who is in the userinfo, though they should be pretty easy to tell apart.

To Baiken and Karel: at least try to be civil. I don't need to be getting blood out of the furniture. And don't kill each other. Vegnagun... Don't trample anything, and there's one box of tissues. Use it up and you're pretty much screwed. Baralai, keep an eye on the poor thing and make sure he doesn't hurt himself. Aisha, DDR machine's in the first room on the left, and don't try to feed anyone candy. Glow sticks are not for eating, either. Guy... don't drive Karel up the wall. Keep the sword practice out in the courtyard, not in the living room and certainly not in the formal dining room.
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