Heath (wyvernridesyou) wrote in unfbaby,

[log] characters of shotglass and chibi_murasala

Rating: R
Warnings: sex, or at least nervous, awkward fumblings
Summary: traditori, round 5, extension of this thread
Status: In progress
Characters: Heath/wyvernridesyou, Legault/hurricanefang
Open/Closed: Closed unless you A) are from traditori (Round 5) and B) clear it with both shotglass and chibi_murasala

[ well, now they were in the room, a closed and locked door ensuring that nobody was going to walk in... ]

[ now what, genius? ]

Ah... So picking up where we left off...

[ or something like that. Heath really had never anticipated that he'd be doing something like this, with that thief of all people...! ]

[ of course, one might note that Heath hasn't exactly made any moves towards that "picking up" bit... ]

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