Matthew (stealingly) wrote in unfbaby,

[log] Characters of shotglass and chibi_murasala

Rating: idk? PG?
Warnings: Fluff? idk, we'll see.
Summary: idk? traditori, second week
Status: In progress
Characters: Matthew/stealingly, Guy/i_have_a_sword
Open/Closed: Closed unless you A) are from traditori (Round 1) and B) clear it with both shotglass and chibi_murasala

[Matthew shuffles around. It's just past midnight and there's blood on the walls, the floor, the ceiling -- all over him and everything else.

People are tense, he's tense, because god damn him but he forgot to vote and --

Where's Guy? He didn't see who exploded-]

Guy! Guy, where'd you run off to?

[He should have been in the room keeping an eye on him, but this is what Matthew gets for wandering the halls to find out just who was offed this time...

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