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[log] Characters of shotglass and chibi_murasala

Rating: R
Warnings: Sex, genderbending, language, OCs
Summary: In which Karel happens upon a special sort of charm and Ingrid and he test it out. [Female!Karel, General PWP]
Status: In progress
Characters: Karel/andshinetonight, Ingrid/iselian_punch, Beckett/theamazingc
Open/Closed: Closed.

No, this wasn't really all that typical. Karel wasn't inclined to do this sort of thing normally, but it... well, it interested him. Fascinated, even. The talisman hung around his (Was "his" appropriate? He certainly still thought of himself as male...) neck but fell between two rather shapely breasts that he was sure his coats weren't cut for. Especially not considering how tight it had gotten around his chest. It was a bit looser in other places, though. He'd had to tighten it around his waist and his sword would barely stay put except for the curvy hips he's acquired. Of course, he'd hardly need it for this. The shimmering hole in the wall beckoned and he was only too willing to step through confidently. He had an appointment, after all, and he mustn't keep his newest little apprentice waiting.

He was fairly sure that it took a very... special type of person to be this comfortable in a female body. His long hair swayed behind him as he emerged on the other side and looked around. Just as planned. Now then, to just find her room...

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