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[log] Characters of chibi_murasala and shotglass

Rating: PG-13 (perhaps R? Iunno)
Warnings: Crossover, language, OC, girl issues (yeah guys, you've been warned)
Summary: In which stuff happens. The jury is still out on just what happens.
Status: In progress [ Part 3 of ??? ] [ 1 | 2 ]
Characters: Karel/andshinetonight, Ingrid/iselian_punch
Open/Closed: Closed unless cleared with chibi_murasala and shotglass

And it was the third day since he'd taken Ingrid on. Karel scuffed his boot against the damp earth he was standing on and did she ever wake up early? He'd have her trained to be up with the sun soon enough, but for now he supposed that it was enough that she was getting adjusted to this world. Her sword training had just barely begun, but there was plenty of time for that. No new leads and so that reduced Karel to wandering. Wandering with a whiny, bratty apprentice, but wandering nonetheless.

He stepped back inside the tent, heavy material made specifically for the type of weather here. He'd had to buy a small pony in order to carry it, and said pony was tied to a tree off to the side and nibbling on the bits of grass that had managed to survive the freeze. "The day's not going to wait for you," he said, nudging her sleeping form with the toe of his boot.

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