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[log] characters of shotglass and chibi_murasala

Rating: ???
Warnings: Language, AU
Summary: In which House is forced into a vacation and Sanzo is only too happy to oblige
Status: In progress
Characters: Sanzo/goldcarded and House pimpcane_md
Open/Closed: Closed unless cleared with chibi_murasala and shotglass

Power on the thirteenth floor was out and so they said it was another brownout and no amount of bullets could fix that. Someone had ruined the filters on the pool by getting their engagement ring stuck in it, and that meant the pool had to be drained. And of course, it had to be today that inspectors had come in to make sure things were up to standards in the kitchens because someone had complained about their fish not being cooked enough (Sanzo made a mental note to fire the cook responsible for that one) so that was more paperwork to deal with.

This day just kept getting better and better... and then there was a special guest coming who would require the twenty-something's personal attention -- and of course nobody else would do...

Sanzo let fly a rather choice string of obscenities and lit up another cigarette as he stalked down the hall towards the elevator. This "special guest" had better be worth it and that was all he had to say about it.

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