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[log] characters of shotglass and chibi_murasala

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Blood and gore, langauge, universe crossover, OC
Summary: In which Karel takes on an apprentice
Status: Completed [ Part 1/??? ] [ 2 | 3 ]
Characters: Karel/andshinetonight, Ingrid/iselian_punch
Open/Closed: Closed unless cleared with either chibi_murasala or shotglass

Whipping his hair back out of his face, Karel looked around -- middle of nowhere, again. Surrounded by tall pines and little bits of snow left over from the last storm that blew through and it was crunching under his boots. He could feel a faint quintessence coming from the southwest and he trailed it -- rumors would be rumors, but his senses never lied, and his senses told him that he'd find another opponent if he followed the trails and threads of energy.

Still, looking around, Karel noted that he had a long way to go, and the sun was high in the sky. Finding a patch with a minimal amount of snow, he crouched down, resting for a moment. He couldn't take a horse (at least, not a horse that wasn't Sacaen) through this type of terrain, and walking the entire way was... well, tiring. He wasn't built for long marches.

It was still in the area he found himself in. He pulled a strip of jerky out of the small pack he carried and chewed at it, bored.

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