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[log] characters of shotglass and queenie_z

Rating: R-ish.
Warnings: Violence/gore, language (Karel has a filthy mouth when he gets angry, and IIRC, so does Crazy!Lloyd/wrathofdesire)
Summary: Began in this thread. Karel and Crazy!Lloyd fight. Plotholes abound, and not the writing variety.
Status: Finished
Characters: Crazy!Lloyd/wrathofdesire, Karel/andshinetonight, Lloyd/twin_swords
Open/Closed: Closed -- unless you clear it with either queenie_z or shotglass, mmkay.

With a click, Karel snapped shut the small communication device that he had borrowed from Guy for the purpose of communicating between worlds. The last sentence he had sent had been the acceptance of a challenge from Lloyd's psychotic clone and his blood seethed as he thought of the raw power that he was about to encounter. The idea of plotholes... it was foreign but he supposed that if the man was so confident, it could hardly be false.

"Well, I'm waiting..." he mumbled, staring out across the barren plains. He was braced for what he supposed would be an uncomfortable experience -- he had heard from Guy that it was hardly ordinary. Of course, not that it would affect him the same way it had affected his silly apprentice.

And... he stared, bored. Damn clone was probably trying to catch him off-guard.

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