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Ask my characters anything meme. Have at them (: RP and personal journals welcome

OOC!Aisha/ddr_sacrifice ¤ Tales of Symphonia
OOC!Vegnagun angstmachine ¤ Final Fantasy X-2
Presea Combatir soul_bound ¤ Tales of Symphonia
Karel andshinetonight ¤ Fire Emblem 7 (or 6, by request)
Genjyo Sanzo goldcarded ¤ Saiyuki
Baiken blindedsword ¤ Guilty Gear
Guy Kutolah favorboy ¤ Fire Emblem 7
Duo Maxwell l2_pilot ¤ Gundam Wing
Matthew stealingly ¤ Fire Emblem 7

Haha, too bad Baralai doesn't have an account anymore...

but yeah have at it. Activity might be kinda slow tonight due to going out with everyone, but I'll try to keep up a nice pace tomorrow :9
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Over here!

H-hey other-me! Ky just let me post here myself, so what was it you wanted to talk about? Or I mean that idea you had. Or. Ah. Yeah haha, yeah.
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[young] sexy

[log] Characters of chibi_murasala and illegalism

Rating: PG-13 (perhaps R? Iunno)
Warnings: Crossover, language, OC, girl issues (yeah guys, you've been warned)
Summary: In which stuff happens. The jury is still out on just what happens.
Status: In progress [ Part 3 of ??? ] [ 1 | 2 ]
Characters: Karel/andshinetonight, Ingrid/iselian_punch
Open/Closed: Closed unless cleared with chibi_murasala and shotglass
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[young] evil

[log] characters of illegalism and queenie_z

Rating: R-ish.
Warnings: Violence/gore, language (Karel has a filthy mouth when he gets angry, and IIRC, so does Crazy!Lloyd/wrathofdesire)
Summary: Began in this thread. Karel and Crazy!Lloyd fight. Plotholes abound, and not the writing variety.
Status: Finished
Characters: Crazy!Lloyd/wrathofdesire, Karel/andshinetonight, Lloyd/twin_swords
Open/Closed: Closed -- unless you clear it with either queenie_z or shotglass, mmkay.
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I never thought of it quite like that, that people have worth just by being alive. I mean... I never thought any life was worthless, but I never thought of it the way he put it. Pretty smart, really. If everyone thought like that, I'll bet a lot of the world's problems would disappear. Heh, too bad that's not going to happen, humans being humans.
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